KALs & Classes

New KAL, "Granito" by Joji Locatelli, starting the 1st week of August!

Announcing our New KAL, "Granito" by Joji Locatelli!  This sweater is worked from the top down in one piece, with the sleeves picked up around the armholes and worked in the round to complete.  There are cute pockets on both sides that you can choose to knit on or not.  This sweater is the perfect garment for lounging and relaxing. 

I have set aside 1:00 - 2:30 pm on Tuesday afternoons for those who are interested in getting together to work on this.  Only 5 can attend due to space restraints.  Please call the shop at (573) 443-1299 OR email vlspain@castawayyarns.com  if you are interested in being part of the Tuesday Group.    Of course you can work on the KAL by yourself and call or stop by anytime if you have questions!  :-) 

We will be using the suggested yarn "Milo" by Manos del Uruguay.  Milo is a DK weight yarn with 65% merino wool/35% linen-flax blend and 380 yd/100 gm.  This yarn is a gorgeous single ply yarn with a rustic yet elegant look and a little shine due to the linen.  The finished fabric has a beautiful drape, making it perfect for shawls and lightweight sweaters. 

The first week will be spent purchasing the yarn, pattern and making a gauge swatch, so come in SOON to pick your favorite color!  (The pattern calls for size US 4 needles.)  


Intro to Knitting, Crocheting, OR One-on-One Help 

Want to learn how to knit or crochet, OR need some one-on-one help?  Just call us at the shop, 443-1299, or sign up on the registration page to set up a special time to work with one of us for 30 minutes.

Date:  By appointment


Cost:  $15.00   


Want to Make Baby Hats or Twiddle Muffs For Others?

Thankfully we have people that make baby hats that are donated to local hospitals!  Shown are just a few of the ladies that love to make baby hats – Stephanie (top left), Linda (top right), and Cindy (bottom left).  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  After being on the receiving end of these wonderful gifts when our granddaughter was in the hospital, I know the tremendous impact these can make.  If you would like to make baby hats, we have some free patterns at the shop from the Mid-Missouri Knitting Guild.  After you complete the hats, you can leave them here, where we have an angel that takes them to where they need to go. 


Also, we have people that make Twiddle Muffs for donations (shown in the bottom right corner).  These are invaluable for dementia patients, as the decorations give them something to do with their hands and calms restless impulses.  We also collect these at the shop and will get them to those who need them.  See a knitted Twiddle Muff free pattern here https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twiddle-muffs  and Shirley MacDonald's Crocheted Twiddle Muff free pattern here https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twiddle-muff.